Meetings will resume when Covid restrictions allow. Once re-started they will be monthly, on the second Thursday. 


Meetings: Except for August each year, meetings are held at Wilton Community Centre, Wilton SP2 0DG, (Click for map) on the second Thursday of each month. Doors open at 7.00pm and meetings start at 7.30pm.

Access: Opposite the Italianate church. Parking on site.

Contact: Philip Rabbetts 01722 716695 about meetings or David Chilton 01722 415503 for all other matters.

(posted March 2021) Our Branch last met in February 2020, in Wilton Community Centre. For most of the time since then, the Centre has been closed.  There is a possibility that the Trustees of the Centre will be able to re-open it in summer 2021, although with restrictions.  Any arrangements will be announced on this page and also in the monthly newsletter communicated by e-mail to local members.

Although other branches and societies hold virtual meetings on-line, our branch does not have people with the right skills to do this properly. Instead we are giving members the opportunity to report notable successes or pose enquiries (the sort they would normally have discussed in a members' meeting) using the monthly newsletter communicated by e-mail to local members and edited by Bob Hambling (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Other members will then have the opportunity to respond. This exchange of views is not intended to replace contributions to the society’s journal or the need to consult historical data available.

Please note the change from Summer 2021 to the second Thursday each month. 



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