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Our publications contain transcribed dates, names, places, text etc, all depending on the information available in the original documents.  Click on the links below to see the Name Indexes and confirm which of our publications include names of interest to you. 

The indexes are provided to help you decide which publications you might wish to purchase. For baptisms and burials, the full transcriptions can be found on Findmypast. If you see a name of interest you could consider making a Research Enquiry.

Each index will open in a new window as a PDF document, which can be viewed on screen, downloaded, copied & printed. 

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CD01 - Marriage Licence Bonds
CD19 - Passing Through (Vagrancy). People who had a permit to travel through Wiltshire.

CD20 - Bastardy - Compilation of 10 volumes on bastardy cases.

CD21 - 
Poor Law in Wiltshire 

CD22 - 
Wiltshire Apprentices
CD23 - Census & Surveys #1 (uploaded January 2023)

CD28 - 
Marlborough (uploaded January 2023)

CD29 - Salisbury records
 (uploaded February 2023)
CD30 - 
Coroners records  (uploaded January 2023). CD30 contains CS080-CS085. For this index, as a logical bonus, we have added CS086, so that you have an index to all coroner publications. See Genfair or our Publications Leaflet on how to purchase CS086.

CD37 - Wiltshire Tithe awards
CD38 - 
Police records (uploaded January 2023)

CD40 - Wiltshire Asylums

Manorial Court Records - Volumes 1 - 8 an index to those mentioned in the first eight volumes of the Manorial Court Record series.

Wiltshire Strays - index of records of those who left Wiltshire or who had roots in the county. The full data set is available in the Resources area for members who are logged on.

Wiltshire Friendly Society - index to members and year of joining. The full data set is available in the Resources area for members who are logged on and, for almost every record, gives date and place of birth.

Christening, Marriage & Burial (CMB) Series

Click here to see a map showing the distribution of the CMB titles.

Indexes to all published CMB titles are available by clicking the links below. Each index will open in a new window as a PDF document, which can be viewed on screen, downloaded, copied & printed.

CMB 01 The Deverills & 4 other parishes 
CMB 02 - East Knoyle, Mere, Sedgehill & West Knoyle
CMB 03 - Tisbury area, 11 parishes
CMB 04 - Ten parishes south of Salisbury
CMB 05 - Eleven parishes east of Salisbury
CMB 06 - Salisbury St Edmund

CMB 07 - Salisbury St Martin
CMB 08 - Salisbury Cathedral and nine parishes to the north-west of Salisbury 

CMB 09 - Salisbury St Thomas
CMB 10 - Thirteen parishes west of Salisbury 
CMB 11 - Chicklade, Chitterne, Codford and 15 other parishes
CMB 12 - Warminster Christ Church, St Denys & St Lawrence
CMB 13 - Seven parishes around Warminster
CMB 14 - Bratton, North Bradbury & Westbury 
CMB 15 - Steeple Ashton, West Lavington & nine other parishes 
CMB 16 -  Amesbury, The Winterbournes and 12 other parishes
CMB 17 - Area Upavon to Manningford to Chute
CMB 18 - Urchfont, Market Lavington and 10 other parishes 

CMB 19 - Keevil, Potterne, Poulshot & Seend
CMB 20 - Trowbridge 
CMB 21 - Area surrounding but not including Bradford on Avon
CMB 22 - Bradford on Avon
CMB 23 - Bromham, Melksham and Rowde

CMB 24 - Devizes
CMB 25 - Vale of Pewsey
CMB 26 - Nine parishes East of Pewsey
CMB 27 - Marlborough area
CMB 28 - Aldbourne, Baydon, Chilton Foliat, Froxfield, Mildenhall and the Ogbournes

CMB 29 - Fourteen parishes N & S of Lyneham
CMB 30 - Calne
CMB 31 - Box, Corsham and Lacock
CMB 32 - Bremhill, Chippenham and 4 other parishes
CMB 33 - Colerne, Kington St Michael and 16 other parishes
CMB 34 - Sixteen parishes around Malmesbury
CMB 35 - Fifteen parishes in the Avebury, Wroughton and Wanborough area
CMB 36 - Eight parishes north and west of Swindon
CMB 37 - Twelve parishes north east of Swindon


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